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Have you ever bought and decorated a Christmas tree in advance of the festivities and by the time it was Christmas your tree was not anymore where it was meant to be?

This year I bought my first Christmas tree. Admittedly, I was not entirely responsible for the idea. Probably, for the idea, not at all.

It was a beautiful idea.

The dark green tree was an enjoyable presence in the room and it was decorated perhaps with the most original Christmas tree decoration I have ever seen or could enjoy.

One morning, I got up and I strongly felt, the tree was at the wrong place. It inspired and reflected overwhelming emotions I was not capable to deal with. It was just wrong that the tree was there. I know, the tree was kind to me, the tree was healthy to me, but I was afraid, I could not return the same. There was a too extreme emotional gap between what this little shiny and happy tree expressed and what I was capable to give back and absorb.

The tree was gentle to me. I could not just leave it on the sidewalks. I did think for a day or two, what would be the most meaningful place for it. Who would enjoy this little beautiful kind tree which meant so much to me but ended up to be at the wrong place at the wrong time?

Eventually, I donated the tree to YWCA, an organization with the mission “Eliminate Racism, Empowering Women”, which has a home close by my house. I think the woman at the reception didn’t believe there was a man with a European accent asking if he could donate a Christmas tree, a couple days before Christmas. She did welcome the tree, with a little smile.

I’m certain, the tree will radiate the same beauty as it did at my home.

I hope it will do so to hearts less overwhelmed by it.

The tree’s name is Joie.

Merry Christmas.