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The minute I’m writing this sentence it is midnight in my home country. People all over the world have already said and will say it many million times in the next few hours: Happy New Year. And so, I wish all the very best for 2009 and beyond, in particular to those of you back home who are making right now their first steps into the new year.

I think it was April. I was sitting on the right back seat of a cab, heading to National Airport. The day was the beginning of an exciting journey to Beijing and, I think, the beginning of a beautiful journey that did last the entire year. Nothing lasts forever, some argue, and so, in our universe where only chaos might last forever, the exciting and the beautiful too didn’t last.

The short drive came quickly to an end but there was time for my driver to tell me his opinion about us, all of us. He was afraid, the world is, today, more dangerous than yesterday. Was, is, he right?

Resolutions. Some of us think about them. Some of us don’t care about them. Some of us commit to them. Some are big. Some are small. Some are idealistic. Some are silly. Some are personal. The list goes on, and on.

As much as I would love to think about our world, I realize, once again, I’m not ready. I failed last year in things I believe are core values of my own little world. I so much need to improve myself, I can’t focus on something bigger. This is not egoism, but facing my own weaknesses. And so, I’ll just keep working around my own little world with the hope to positively affect the world of others.

NYE. I’d like to sense where I’m heading.

(I know, I will never know this one.)

Happy New Year.