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Between information technology and environmental science with a flair for economics, the clarinet, and the world of soups and salads.

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On my recent travelling I boarded enough airplanes to realize that I could easily bring my own mug, instead of wasting all that plastic and paper. Today I brought one with me.

The Finnish flight attendant commented: “Very ecological.”

The question is, of course, whether or not my mug really is more “ecological,” and I am not going to make a life-cycle assessment here. Still, I highlight a few pros and cons. First and foremost, you can get yourself a liquid tight and heat insulated mug which keeps you safe from spilling your tea or coffee and keeps your drink warm longer. Second, you can enjoy your beverage longer because flight attendants will not collect it as trash on their speedy clean up to leave time to sell stuff. Third, you have a chance to inspire fellow travellers, and you may never get to know it. The main downside may be that you need to carry the mug.