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What an interesting day. Listen, world, listen: The World Leaders have expressed their opinions. Please, applaud, A New World Order has emerged.

On one occasion, three leaders stand on a podium, with serious faces, wearing each an anthracite-black suit, tie and almost certainly well polished black shoes – hopefully without white socks. They accuse Iran of building a secret underground plant to manufacture nuclear fuel (a site the three leaders knew for years and Ahmadinejad calls completely legal; so, please explain, secret? legal? I’m confused). The accusation sounds somewhat similar to Iraq’s WMD just that instead of having only one leader we now have three+. Apparently, the new coalition already got its echo. On a side note. The three egregious men are leaders of three governments all of which have nuclear warheads, in sum roughly 10,000 of which 3,000 are active, and one of them is leader of the only government that has ever used one to kill humans.

Next. The Group of 7 elite club seems to have been permanently replaced by the much broader Group of 20, who together represent about 85 percent of the world economy. The following thought is for those of you wary of the “too big to let fail corporation crowd.” I believe, we recently had it: You know, those super-sized limited liability legal entities that expand their branches all over the world, tax-evading-power-concentrating machines plotting for the single aim of satisfying shareholders with ever growing profits. I was recently reminded that the powerful leave their moral coat at home when they wear their corporate CEO suit & tie – you all would look truly elegant if only Gottfried Keller wouldn’t have been right. Who will bail-out our powerful leaders?

You know what, I wouldn’t be surprised for a second if the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen, would come up with far superior solutions for any Group of 20 issue. What a shame she is not invited to speak. Almost certainly, an arbitrary Buddhist monk would come up with far superior solutions. Too bad, they don’t wear a suit & tie and well polished black shoes, not even white socks. I’m afraid our powerful leaders may have difficulties with pointing Helsinki on a map and the enlightened mindset would only be labeled as way out of touch with reality – you know, the monk’s speech just isn’t in harmony with the politics of fear.