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Between information technology and environmental science with a flair for economics, the clarinet, and the world of soups and salads.

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I believe, many are familiar with this situation: You are looking for a new job and write a ton of applications. Sometimes you get an answer, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes the answer is a friendly “We are sorry,” sometimes a blunt “No need.” Sometimes your application brings you to the next stage, sometimes it is just redirected to the trash can. A diverse landscape of reactions.

Perhaps worth to note, even though not surprising, there seems to be an equally diverse landscape for reactions in the following situation: You have a handful (or, lucky you, perhaps two) job offers and you notify of your decision. A negative answer is sometimes silently noted and sometimes confirmed with a short note. Sometimes the note expresses regrets, sometimes it expresses best wishes, sometimes regrets, best wishes and interest in keeping in touch.

The reaction to the job acceptance note, instead, seems to be rather invariant: A warm “Welcome, we are looking forward having you in our team.” Perhaps, as invariant as the typical “Hurray, I have a job interview,” our reaction to a positive job application.

We are, again, in a period where many look for a new job and the odds of “Hurray,” as well as “Welcome,” vanish as jobs extinguish like burnt out candles. We should be grateful if we are lucky to have a job. Though, I think, it is equally important not to forget, your employer, too, should be grateful to have you as employee.