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Today, I started my first article on Wikipedia, on Environmental Informatics. Environmental Informatics has been around for awhile but Wikipedia had no page for it. I don’t think, there is a reason not to have an article for Environmental Informatics so I started one with a tentative description adapted from Hilty et al. The article doesn’t just look as if it is crying for improvement: that’s exactly what it needs. Thus, if you feel you can contribute, please do.

Even though it might sound silly, to start the first article on Wikipedia was kind of an event for me. After having used Wikipedia for many years, limiting my few contributions to the correction of typos, starting a new article was, well, a different interaction with Wikipedia – I suppose with the community, too.

An acknowledgment goes to an ex-colleague at HP Labs and friend who pointed out the inexistence of the article back in December 2008. Thanks.