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Between information technology and environmental science with a flair for economics, the clarinet, and the world of soups and salads.

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If you believe, that you’ll always love someone you loved, indeed, that love cannot be past without being prologue, I believe you agree with me: The emotional separation that is typically enforced following the breakup of a (romantic) relationship is an artificial construct. In fact, one that requires a whole lot of energy to keep the walls from what they continuously and naturally do: Fall down.

It’s like you daily have to work to fill the hole of yet another brick fallen off the wall, which naturally dismantles because what ties together is unlikely disrupted – and certainly isn’t by enforced artificial boundaries.

Don’t take me wrong, I’m not arguing against the possibility of a breakup, with respect to any kind of human relationship. A breakup is often a necessity, even reasonable, though it may not be pleasurable. I’m arguing, a breakup is only a step within a larger picture, a picture that draws who found together as still together, with an evolved tie, which, I argue, is likely to be more mature. Why we typically don’t see or don’t want to share and nurture this larger picture, I don’t know.

Enjoy this thought interchanging love with friendship, marriage, professional partnership, relationships between parents, children, siblings and larger families or any other relationship between two, or more, human beings you may come up.