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As you might know this week is, among lots of other things of course, Climate Week NY°C – not quite sure if the NY°C logo is ingenious or ridiculous.

According to some, Obama was apparently not specific enough, nice talk with no substance. You might argue, rightly so, the 100 heads will work on the specifics in December at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Perhaps.

I wonder, if anyone can explain me why I should believe those 100 heads will accomplish anything. I just don’t get it, likely because I’m not nearly as smart as the least smart of the 100 heads.

I believe, most of us hope and wait way too much and way too long for them to decide, to take action, to do something and tell us what to do. We spend so much time discussing with friends, lovers and families the products of those 100 heads. Whatever they come up is printed in the media, analysed and perpetuated in all world languages. We have been told that we can vote them to power and later we are continuously reminded that we can spam them with emails, phone calls, letters to let them know our opinions.

In all this, I wonder if we forget that the real power to do the right thing – whether or not you believe in climate change – lies not within those 100 heads but among us all.