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[A call to my readers in Kuopio, in particular.]

If you live in Kuopio, or you are an attentive tourist, you are likely to notice a peculiarity of the city in a matter of days, weeks at most. Most locals I have talked to agree: Kuopio lacks a few cozy coffee shops with opening hours beyond 7 pm that have a warm interior design, comfortable chairs and couch, jazzy background music, good coffee, tea and pastries. (A library with books, free wifi and owners that are editors of a blog with the latest & coolest curiosities and news of a living in Kuopio.) Most locals I have talked to agree, this is unfortunate. I think, there are at least two coffee shops that match the description best: Kahvilla Kaneli and Fado.

The first, and unfortunately up to now last, time I found Kaneli open while passing by a few weeks ago, I finally had a cup of tea and, out of curiosity, I just had to ask the waitress, a minute short the closing: “Anteeksi, what is the reason for the late afternoon or early evening closing?” She didn’t know exactly but her guess was that it would not be cost-effective.

Hard question. So, here is the experiment, drafted this evening with a friend while sitting on a park bench (and dreaming of an open Kaneli?). If you happen to live in Kuopio, we would like to hear your opinion. Write a comment. Would you like to see Kaneli or Fado open just a little longer during our endless summer evenings? Would it not be cost-effective? How can they attract clientele? We would like to hear what you think. (And don’t forget to invite your friends to the discussion here!)

Here is the deal. If we get back some enthusiasm we will start an online petition to collect names and comments of locals who would like to see our cozy coffee shops to be open just a little longer, during the week or weekends, in the summer or winter, as it fits. We will inform the owners of both Kaneli and Fado about the online petition.

Can we motivate the owners? Or are they right with the cost-effectiveness argument?