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Markus Stocker

Between information technology and environmental science with a flair for economics, the clarinet, and the world of soups and salads.

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Today, I should be listening to my heart. Instead, I’m listening to my mind. Today, I should be doing something I would love to do. Instead, I let my mind decide my action. I have been told, I should be listening to my instinct. The truth is, I have not been given the freedom to listen to my heart, not even to my instinct. So, I do conclude, the rational thing is to let the voice of my mind speak.

On a side note, I don’t have an answer to the following question. If you believe, the voice of your heart has some good, peaceful, kind words but, by the will of others, you have not been given the freedom to speak them, what do you do? Is the will of others holy and to respect no matter what or do the words of one’s heart always have the right to be expressed to their intended audience?