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Markus Stocker

Between information technology and environmental science with a flair for economics, the clarinet, and the world of soups and salads.

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I am interested in management and analysis of research data, in particular data collected from environmental sensor networks, and building software systems that make sense of such data using data-driven and physically-based models and knowledge representation and reasoning. I am the author of Wavellite, a software framework for situation awareness in environmental monitoring, and Emrooz, a scalable semantic database for sensor data. Trained in informatics, with a fair amount of programming experience in both industry and academia and a good understanding of semantic technologies, I also have a foot in environmental science. I enjoy working together with environmental scientists and have experiences with aerosol scientists, biogeochemists, and agricultural scientists. I am interested in environmental research infrastructure and actively collaborate with people at ACTRIS, SMEAR, and ICOS.

I am Swiss, grew up in Switzerland, and did most of my schooling there. After completing the MSc in informatics at the University of Zurich I went abroad. So far I have not returned. I am currently living in Hannover, where I lead the Knowledge Infrastructures research group at the German National Library of Science and Technology. I have lived in fabulous Finnish Lakeland where I have completed a PhD in environmental sciences (informatics) at the University of Eastern Finland. I lived for some time in the UK and in the US where I had the opportunity to work with great people at HP Labs in Bristol and Stardog Union (formerly Clark & Parsia) in Washington, DC.

You can find me on Twitter @markusstocker and @envinf, on LinkedIn, ResearchGate, publons, Google Scholar, Google+, and Facebook. My ORCID is 0000-0001-5492-3212 and my FOAF URI is